The Flexible Emergency LED for Your Job (SALE 50%)

The Flexible Emergency LED for Your Job (SALE 50%)

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 Are you having trouble replacing your leaky tires at night?

Do you need lighting if your car broke down on the street at night?
Or if you are fixing your car engine at night in a less illuminated position, this will make your work longer.

Finally not the right result you get next, maybe you could get injured while fixing your car. Or maybe the damage to your car increases.

Therefore we introduce our product The Flexible Emergency LED which will help, simplify and speed up your work. Portable and flexible lights that can reduce the risk of injury to yourself.

No need to increase your expenses, maybe to seek treatment for your injury. Or add your car repair cost in your car repair shop.

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Features : 
Size : 13.2 x 6 x 3 cm 
Brightness : 200 Lum 
Battery Type : 3 Section AA (Double A)
Used Time : 4 - 6 hours 
Material : ABS